Sammy Kershaw:

'All in the Same Boat' 

On June 4, country singer Sammy Kershaw chatted via telephone with Country Pulse about his latest studio album “All in the Same Boat,” which is a collaboration project with Aaron Tippin and Joe Diffie.

They released this record independently on May 28 via Sammy's label, Big Hit Records and “All In The Same Boat” is available for purchase in major retail outlets, as well as on iTunes and Amazon. “We started touring together a few years ago and I had an idea to do an album with them. I thought it would work since I feel that people are missing traditional country music. Country artists from the late 1980s and 1990s do not get much airplay anymore on radio and we have to fight for shows. We keep thinking of different ways to get the music out there and to get some of those live touring shows. We put this acoustic tour together and we are sitting on three stools and we are singing in front of thousands of people. It has worked out well for us and we decided to do an album to go with it. We are all enjoying it and it has been a lot of fun,” he remarked.

Regarding the song selection process of their collaborative album, “We had all decided to put our own songs on the album. It turned out fine.”

He noted that the most personal song on the new record is “The Route That I Took,” which is a tribute to the late country singer George Jones. “Aaron and Joe and I recorded it together for the album. I had also recorded it a few years ago and I pitched it to George Jones and he loved it, but he never got around to doing it. It was written for George Jones and I wasn’t going to send it to anybody else. It would have stayed in a drawer forever. I thought it was done very tastefully and I did it as a personal gift to my friend. So far, I haven’t had any negatives on it because it’s a great song about Jones. I loved him. He was my friend and I miss him and I love him. I always used to call him the ‘king of country soul,’” he shared.

Sammy is out on tour promoting his latest CD with Aaron and Joe. “We hope to take this tour on through 2014 and 2015, I hope. It is doing that well and we are selling a lot of tickets. The people are really liking it,” he revealed.

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— Markos Papadatos

About Sammy Kershaw:

Since his debut on the music scene in the early 90s, Kershaw has remained one of the most consistent power hitters in country music both with a chain of major hit records and sell-out touring schedules. 


Sammy Kershaw’s plan for country music is re-claiming its roots and recapturing the spirit that made it great: The recording studio.   “Man, for someone like me who had George Jones music imprinted in my DNA before birth, the last few years have been rough as a fan of country music.” noted Kershaw candidly in a recent national interview. “Country music is not a formula it’s a music with its own soul and I’m all about saving that soul!”  Kershaw’s current album "Honky Tonk Boots" promises to be a much-anticipated first step in that plan of salvation.


For the newest Kershaw project, the singers soulful sound and Cajun vocal kick is teamed back-up with the genius of producer Buddy Cannon, whose efforts, like Sammy’s, have lined his walls with platinum. Sammy’s vibe about his latest studio venture has all the earmarks of a proud father talking about his new arrival “In music, everything is timing. I knew when we were in the studio working on the new album that we had something radio and fans are ready for. The feel of the album is a return to the kind of country music I, and a lot of other people, have missed.”  Powerful words from a man who has picked, written, and sung a lot of hits.


Often referred to as the heir apparent to the legendary voice himself George Jones, Sammy Kershaw helped make the 90’s a shining decade for country music.  It’s a comparison not lost on Sammy, who grew up in the Cajun country of Louisiana on a diet of crawfish and country music. The oldest of four children, the tragic loss of his father, matured him even faster than the clubs and honky-tonks he was performing in at 12 years old.  He speaks openly today of years spent battling substance abuse and addictions. “It’s not a period of my life I’m proud of but I do talk about it to encourage kids not to follow in my footsteps.” Kershaw recently noted.  Helping others is a subject close to the heart that beats within what might often appear to be a tough, macho exterior. Sammy Kershaw is, in fact, a softie when the subject turns to kids. If proof were needed it stands in his hometown of Kaplan, Louisiana. There, Sammy has established the Sammy Kershaw Foundation. Its outreach has extended through donations so far of more than 2 million dollars in aid to children and child related charities. With projects that extend from granting wishes through Make A Wish Foundation to establishing camps for crippled children, the foundation exists to fulfill Sammy’s simple goal of improving the lives of children.  In the course of breaking into the ranks of stardom in country music, Sammy Kershaw has made contributions to more than just the charts. His platinum albums were propelled into the records books by hits such as She Don't Know She’s Beautiful, I Can’t Reach Her Anymore, National Working Woman’s Holiday, Love Of My Life, Cadillac Style, Don’t Go Near The Water, Haunted Heart, and many other milestones.  


In 2010, Sammy is committed to prove that goals are made to be surpassed. His touring dates are true events in today’s country music. Life is good and Sammy has a lot to sing about.